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Founder and Creative Head, Studio Ruining Magazines


Zahra has a Masters degree in Fashion Brand Management from POLIMODA, Florence, Italy. With experience across the fashion industry from local luxury boutiques to global luxury brands. She has also worked in the digital design & production for Vh1 India. She now runs Studio Ruining Magazines full time.

Zahra Baldiwala, Founder and Creative Head at Studio Ruining Magazines
Zaheer Baldiwala, Founder and Business Head at Studio Ruining Magazines


Co-Founder and Business Head, Studio Ruining Magazines


Zaheer is the co-founder of Studio Ruining Magazines. In the past, he’s worked at a Mumbai based investments & financial services firm, handling their private investments, global alliances & market entry into new businesses. He’s also the founder of an ed-tech startup, His love for art makes him a perfect fit at Studio Ruining Magazines.

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Studio Ruining Magazines is a Mumbai-based Design Studio that collaborates with brands to craft visuals that leave a lasting impression and tell meaningful stories.

We work with a diverse range of clients, from young start-ups to multi-billion dollar companies, all around the world.


As innovative thinkers, we are not bound by a specific medium or theme. We thrive on solving creative challenges and view your specific design requirement as an engaging puzzle. 


Studio Ruining Magazines partners with creative experts from different fields to ensure exceptional results for our clients' wide-ranging design needs. This approach allows us to craft unique solutions tailored to each client's specific vision. This is possible thanks to our deep rooted network in the Indian design community. 


Here's a peek into the story of our founder and creative head, Zahra Baldiwala. Picture a young Zahra, fuelled with ideas and the need 'to create.' From the tender age where crayons danced across paper, her journey into the world of creation began.

It all started innocently enough – with her grandma's old fashion magazines becoming a place of solace and expression. Flippling through the glossy pages, Zahra's eyes would light up, spotting fashion models ripe for transformation. Armed with an ink pen and an insatiable thirst to lose herself in the moment, she began to infuse her unique touch into every image, playfully "Ruining Magazines" in the most delightful way.

What began as a childhood pastime soon took on a life of its own, growing and evolving alongside Zahra herself. As the years passed, the tools of her trade underwent a remarkable transformation, with colour pencils and ink pens making way for sophisticated design softwares. Yet, through it all, one thing remained constant – Zahra's unwavering love for creating art.

At Studio Ruining Magazines, we invite you to be a part of our journey, where creativity knows no bounds and innovation thrives.

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